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Welcome to Pasha Collections

Welcome to Pasha Collections. We are all about luxury clothing that is stylish, practical and has the feel good factor. Our current styles are mainly flowing and fluid giving you ability to move with ease. You will find cashmere ponchos and coats that move with you rather than restraining you, and our tops fit where they should whilst gliding loosely over the body. Our zip up cashmere hoody is more fitted but you don't always want it done up and it makes a great all year round garment.

Pasha is our cashmere goat and has been created in two styles by different talented artists. Each style comes in various formats.

Our watercolour version of Pasha can currently be found replicated on the garment Swing Tags and also our greetings cards which are sometimes available, and on certain items of clothing from time to time. This is a statement piece of embroidery so is very much a limited edition.

Our other version of Pasha you will find in all our Pasha Collection pieces in the form of a small, tastefully coloured and positioned embroidery. The colouring is either the same or very similar to the garment itself or sometimes a few shades lighter.

All our garments contain cashmere, some are 100% pure cashmere and others are cashmere blended with cotton or cotton and silk. This enables you to select items for different climates and use, yet still experience luxury garments with the softness that only cashmere brings.

Searching for a garment is easy on our website as you can shop under the main heading of Shopping which has a drop down menu which is self explanatory or you can shop under Collections, where you can shop by fabric type or colours.

You can order any item to be gift wrapped and you can add a personalised message if it is going direct to the recipient as you go through the checkout.

If you need any assistance please use the Live Chat or email us, or even pick up the phone!


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