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Pasha Collections is a luxury brand focusing on beautiful quality and styles of clothing in natural fabrics, with one thing in common - they all contain cashmere. Some are 100% pure cashmere and others are cashmere blended with cotton and/or silk.

The reason for also using blends is because cashmere brings out the best qualities of other fibers, creating unique and very special fabrics. It also gives you the opportunity to experience different fabrics and at the same time have that magical touch of cashmere clothing that is practical to wear in warmer climates.

Our yarns are bought from a specialist yarn spinning company where globally recognized certificates verify the quality of their products. Pasha Collections has been created by the team at I Love Cashmere, which has its own website and has been online since 2008.

We have had two Pasha goats created by two different artists for two different reasons. One originated as a full water-colour painting that we commissioned talented animalPasha Cashmere Goat artist Denise Laurent to create for us. He has a beautiful long cashmere coat looking every inch a colourful king of cashmere goats! Pasha is currently featured on our garment swing tags, so you can see a mini version of the original work of art.

We wanted to have our own artistic version of a real cashmere goat, which we could include in various ways, to show that cashmere does indeed come from very special goats.There is a little artistic license used as the actual goats are not quite so colourful in reality varying from white to shades of brown, rather than blue and gold as displayed in our painting! However the gold is there for a reason as cashmere is also known as "soft gold" and the blue represents the very cold climate they live in - they don't go blue as they have their lovely cashmere to keep them warm! We are so lucky that they moult in the spring time so we can benefit from the undercoat they no longer need.

Our second Pasha features on all our current garments as an embroidery, which colour matches or tones beautifully with the garment. Pasha Goat EmbroideryEach one is discreetly placed above the front base of most garments on the left hand side as you wear it. Pasha was created by Ali Hansen. Ali is a talented fashion illustrator and artist. Drawing a realistic looking goat to form simple yet attractive lines that can be transformed into a beautiful embroidery is not easy but the end result is subtle and lovely.




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